Lockdown evolution

1st Lockdown: The good resolutions lockdown

  • Daily walk
  • Healthy food
  • Nonno and Nonna as babysitters so no stress while WFH
  • Baking sourdough to have bread for a couple of days
  • Balanced diet with a weekly meal-plan
  • Social yoga classes with work colleagues
2nd lockdown: The fuck-it lockdown
  • “Where are the chocolate bars?
  • Baking sourdough and have half of it with Nutella while still warm
  • “Don’t forget the chips in the grocery order!”
  • Is it take away night today?
  • Going upstairs Using the stairs is considered sport
Meal planning?ahaha what is it?Strategy is: get out the most perishable food from the fridge and cook it Before it gets rotten 


Francesca V., 30 anni. Insieme a Francesco (la EffeMaschio) decide di mollare tutto e partire per un viaggio intorno al mondo...Ed è li che inizia l'avventura che raccontiamo in questo blog... ;)

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